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Child Care Type B Home Provider Licensing and Training

All child care homes in Ohio that want to provide child care services to families and children that are eligible for the Publicly Funded Child Care Program (PFCC) must be licensed. The FCDJFS Child Care Licensing Unit is responsible for receiving and processing applications for individuals interested in operating as a Professional Type B Home Child Care Provider. FCDJFS reviews initial applications, submits a recommendation for licensure to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and inspects all of the State subsidize in-home child care providers in Franklin county for ongoing compliance with licensure rules. This licensing process requires various background checks, including but not limited to Children's Services, local courts, BCII and FBI, home inspections, a medical statement from a physician or nurse verifying that the applicant is able to provide child care, as well as the completion of initial and on-going training. Applications can be obtained by visiting our Child Care Provider Forms page. Select and print an application according to the care you wish to provide. If printing from this website is not an option for you, applications can also be obtained by calling (614) 212-1728 or (614) 212-1721.

The Child Care Licensing Unit also provides information to parents who are interested in interviewing with a specific child care provider. Parents are encouraged to call (614) 212-1728 to receive a report regarding compliance, complaint and background check history on any child care provider whom they are considering for the care of their child(ren).

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