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CelebrateOne/Care for Moms and Moms-to-Be

We believe every baby  deserves to celebrate his or her first birthday. That's why Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services has partnered CelebrateOne to help reduce Columbus' infant mortality rate by connecting moms, moms-to-be and young families with health coverage through Medicaid as well as other resources. 

Click HERE to learn more about Medicaid health coverage.

Additional Resources


Learn more about CelebrateOne and what our partners across Franklin County are doing to reduce infant mortality.

ABCs of Safe Sleep

Protect your baby by following the ABCs of Safe Sleep. Your baby should be Alone, on his or her Back in an empty Crib, every nap, every night, every time.


CelebrateOne Real People … Real Stories from Columbus Public Health on Vimeo.


Moms2B provides weekly education and support sessions to promote healthy lifestyle choices and link moms with support services. Sessions are free to attend -- no sign-ups or registration necessary! In addition to the being free to attend, Moms2B also provides transporation assistance, on-site childcare and a hot, nutritious meal at no cost.

Click HERE to learn more and find a Moms2B location near you. You can also call 614-292-1605 for more details about Moms2Be.

StepOne for a Health Pregnancy

Take your first step to delivering a healthy baby! Get help finding a doctor as well as transportation to and from prenatal care appointments.

You can also call 614-721-0009 for more details.